My name is Carys Fearns. I am a graduate from Falmouth University, studying Marine & Natural History Photography, I know that’s a mouthful but simply put, I photograph the natural world and its wildlife.

Growing up in a Welsh coastal village i have always been surrounded by both the countryside and the sea. Living in a home filled to the brim with animals has shaped my love for wildlife. Cats, dogs, an array of rodents from mice to chinchillas to birds and horses.   

Practising Photography since 2011 I am forever focused on improving my craft. Interested in the small to the very tall, microscopy to wide angle and zoom, macro studios to the great outdoors. Experimenting with abstract forms of photography and will be soon developing a series based on colour in photography, revealing how colour in photos can effect our emotions. 

All Photographs are shot with a Canon 600d or Canon 5D Mark III.   


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